Let's Enjoy English!

-English School for Kids-

Narnia is a small English school in a small town, Owase in Japan.

The students come together after school twice a week.
In the classroom they study English through various activities: playing games, singing songs, reading stories, etc.

Our classroom is in a traditional Japanese house made of wood and paper!
The students age 5 to 14 are divided into classes according to their grades.

Listen to the class!

ôChant ôSong ôReading

With Visitors
Sometimes foreign people visit Narnia.
It is great fun for us to have guests from foreign countries.

Seasonal Events
We have a party for Easter, Halloween, and Christmas.




Sites In And Around Our Town

Our town, Owase is located in the Kumano region which has the three grand shrines
of Kumano and the age-old pilgrimage routes linking them. Those holy sites and roads
were designated as the
World Heritage Sites in 2004.

These are our original photos.

@ @ Photos by H.Matsushita

What is Kumano Kodo?

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